Getting Started in Property

How does the process work?

I will give you my easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for investing in property or buying a home. Along the way, you’ll get all of the tools, templates and checklists that I have developed.

From there you need to apply what you’ve learnt to your own investing or home buying and get started. That bit’s up to you! But remember, as you step into the property investing arena, I am available to answer your questions to take as much of the pressure off as possible. So let’s get out there and start looking!

How long does each eClass in the mentoring program take to go through?

The eclasses are organised so that if you are working or studying full time you should still have enough time to complete one each fortnight. Each eclass takes about 20 minutes to read through (or watch if it’s a video!), and then there may be some further exercises to do.

The exercises may take 1-3 hours to do. Relax though… you don’t have to do it all in one hit; and this is not supposed to be like school!

These are specific tips for you to go through relating to property investing or home buying, so I know you’ll enjoy the exercises. I have designed them to be fun!

You can choose to go faster or slower than that, if you want. If you fall behind it doesn’t matter as you’ll always have access to the information. You can re-visit, and go at the pace that suits you.

What if I know nothing about property investing yet?

Great! You’re in exactly the right place. The information we are going to be teaching is as useful for someone who has already purchased a number of properties all the way down to beginners. For those who are a little more advanced, you’ll find the expert tips keep you up to date. For those who know nothing except for what you’ve learnt from attending the occasional seminar and seeing other people do it, I’ll explain everything for you.

When do I start buying property?

As far as I’m concerned you can start investing in property as soon as you’re confident and comfortable.

Because this program is designed so that you can build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, you can start investing in property as soon as you feel you are able to.

That said, in the first 10-12 weeks I‘ll be guiding you through the process to create a solid property investing foundation, so if you want you can wait until you have completed this phase, then start. It’s up to you.

What if I don’t understand something?

No problem! You can always email a question to me at any time. You might find your answer, or a bit more information here on the FAQ page.

Does it ever get easier and will I be able to just know what to do?

Definitely YES! I want to make this easy for you. The way I have designed and structured this program is so that we can layer the information and knowledge in a way that it gets remembered.

Instead of skimming over things and being really confused you can revisit eclasses in your own time if you want or need to. Also, by starting with the basics for that strong foundation we can build on it slowly and clearly. This will lead to you eventually doing things without even thinking about them, and that’s when you will just ‘know’ what to do.

The thing is, if you want to be successful as a property investor or in buying a home you need to know what’s going on in the marketplace and then get out there to apply what you’ve learned. That’s why I created this mentoring program.

Get Started in Property

Do you need some help?

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